Freedom of Choice of Action in Democratic Community



This is the definition of Democratic Free School Education created by Summerhill Democratics. 


The inclusion of community and democracy means personal freedom cannot be omnipotent.


If your choices interfere with the freedom of others, or others think they do, negotiations must take place. In a democratic free school negotiations take place:


Personally, between people

With the help of a problem solver/ombudsperson

At a regularly scheduled democratic meeting

At a Special Meeting to deal with an issue asap if it cannot wait for a regular meeting

( This is requested of the current Chairperson, who makes the decision.)



Only the community democratic meeting can make school policy, laws, debate issues between community members, hand out fines and consequences.


One person one vote. Whether you are 7 or 70.


The above brings up many questions.



These are dealt with in a properly run/successful democratic free school.




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