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We offer more than that …

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You are a parent and you want to learn more about options in democratic education.

What do you do?

Maybe you have an organized group ready to take the message of your project to a wider audience.

Maybe not.

We can tailor workshops and conferences to meet your current needs whatever they are.

Contact us and we will set up a free Skype conference.


You are a teacher.  You are not happy with the system you are in.

Maybe you belong to a group of teachers.  Maybe not.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced teaching professional we can help.

Get in touch and we will set up a free Skype to talk through your needs.

We help all kinds of school with their democratic projects.


You are working in a state school as a teacher or a principal.

You want to make some changes and are not sure how to go about it.

We have years of experience using democratic methods in state schools with our

Clubhouse Democracy Model™.

Our practical Authority-Sharing™ approach improves the school environment for students and teachers.

Send us a message to set up a free Skype to talk over your situation.


Examples of mentoring situations include:

  • school administrators who want independent advice in the lead-up to inspection
  • groups of parents who are attempting to start a home education “school” and need an outside eye
  • democratic education teachers who want to improve their practice
  • teachers in the mainstream who want to introduce democratic processes to their classrooms
  • teachers who are thinking about moving into democratic education, whether from the mainstream or direct from teacher-training college.

Let us know what your situation is and we will get back to you with a proposal.


Intelligent self-analysis and debriefings among staff and management that include:

  • management structure
  • school policies and procedures
  • staffing arrangements and duties
  • the democratic ethos
  • teacher styles and planning
  • the range of school environments
  • what’s on offer
  • organization of the day/the week
  • curriculum
  • relationships with parents, with school authorities, with media … and so on.

We offer a neutral outside eye that helps keep your school on track: a friendly, non-threatening professional ‘check-up’.


You are a journalist and you have been asked to write a report on a democratic school project.

Do you know enough background to avoid sensational distortions and half-truths?

Do you want to put your reporting on a more solid basis?

We can help you understand the history, variety and specifics of democratic education.


You are a university teacher and want your student teachers to explore educational alternatives past, present and future.

You think that an appreciation of different educational models will lead students to a deeper understanding of child development and the process of learning.

Summerhill was founded 100 years ago.  Now there is a huge variety of schools and practices around the world.  There is innovation and change.

Our presentations, workshops and Q&A sessions can help your students understand democratic education whether they choose to follow it as a career option or not.

Politicians and State Education Policy

Politicians should value the daily practice of democracy in schools. In a world where modern democratic states are more important than ever, where democracy is fragile in many countries, not considering the option of democratic education is a curious oversight.

We offer politicians and ministries of education a presentation and workshop about the core values of democratic education; about democratic states trying a more thoughtful, intelligent approach to education policy.