Clubhouse Essentials

A Brief Summary

Equations You Need

TIME – Freeing up Time for students by reducing Obsessive Compulsive Curriculum Disorder

HABITAT– Physical Habitat that allows for flexibility of Action, Activity; that is a Living as well as Working Space.

SHARING AUTHORITY– Teacher as business partner. Based on the Realities of Context. What ? When? Where? How? Based on the common knowledge the teacher has only so much authority to share.

FREE CHOICE OF ACTION – What? How much? ( It must be meaningful to students, make a difference to their workplace)

DEMOCRATIC MEETINGS– Run by students. Agendas must matter to the students. Should arise from the Habitat, Authority Sharing, Choices, New Ideas and will include problem solving. Must have the ability to ‘sanction’ or ‘fine.’

COMMUNITY– The above, when up and running, will foster a Clubhouse feeling, a feeling of shared ownership, authority, and responsibility. A Village. A City-State.

Clubhouse Authority

A Definition

Authority does not mean you are a dictator; it means being in charge of certain things for a certain amount of time, or until the democracy chooses someone else to be in charge.

The Clubhouse is like normal life:

Sometimes you can freely choose what to do

Sometimes you are in authority over others

Sometimes others are in authority over you

Sometimes you have to negotiate or discuss what actions should be taken

Sometimes a vote myst be taken about Action and Authority

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