There is a new law in Europe about digital privacy.  We have looked at it.  Here is some information for you so that you can decide what you want to do.

  1.  We do not keep files on our followers, either here or on Facebook.  We do not collect any personal information.  When you follow us, as far as we are concerned, you are going about your own business.
  2. We have an advice about Cookies on the webpage.  This is required by law.  Cookies just make the loading of the page faster if you return to it.  Those cookies do not enable us to do anything to your computer or to know anything about you.  If you want to tell us about yourself, send us an email.
  3. We have a subscription list for our Mailchimp Newsletter.  We will send out a separate advice to those subscribers.  It will say that we do not keep files on our subscribers and we do no nothing with the email address they send us other than send the Newsletter out to them.
  4. The Blog deals with problems in democratic education.  We do not mention any of the many schools we work with by name.  We feel strongly about maintaining those relationships in reasonable privacy.

There may be some occasions when we will save information about you.

  • If you write us an email asking to consult with us we will store that email.
  • Sometimes we print out emails so that Leonard and Jason can discuss projects.  Those print-outs are kept in a filing cabinet in my office.  This is a real office that Jason uses for his language school.  It is secure.  There are four doors to lock when he goes home and the filing cabinet is also lockable although, to be honest, we rarely lock it.
  • Leonard and Jason both have computers on which they keep files with information about the projects they are working on.  These files contain documents that people send to us and documents that we create to help their schools.  Both of these computers are password protected and are only used by us.
  • We do not process data in any way.  We do not use a database of contact information.  We do not create files of personal information either online or on our own computers.

If you want to work with us, we will protect your information in a professional and coherent manner.  We will also encourage you to protect your own information.  However, we also believe that it is against the interests of our contacts and clients to become paranoid about “big data”.  As responsible adults it is sometimes in our interests to build a network and share.  In those instances, however, we will always consult you before sharing even so small a thing as your email address.

Does this answer your questions?  If not, drop us a line.

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