We help start and advise Democratic Free Schools on the Summerhill model; we also help democratise alternative and mainstream schools and classrooms.


Saturday Summerhill Take Away: Ombudsmen

Have you ever been in a situation that you cannot resolve and wished there was an impartial onlooker with the authority to help you resolve it? Ombudsmen at Summerhill are these impartial witnesses. The way ombudsmen work is perhaps more impressive than the Meeting itself, even though all their authority comes from the Meeting. Ombudsmen…


Neill Was Not A Hippy

Don’t Blame Ringo Neill Was Not A Hippy Part 1 One of the unfortunate moments in democratic education was the sudden success of Summerhill, the book of edited Neill, in America in the early seventies. Neill ended up on the Johnny Carson Show (That’s Jimmy Fallon Jonathan Ross x1000) and the school itself became a…



“This is a much needed project. There is a wide gap between what people WANT our kind of schools to be and the reality. It is so important that people with on-the-ground experience keep the knowledge of real Summerhill ideals alive. Jason and Leonard have that experience.”

-Zoe Readhead,
Principal of Summerhill

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