We help start and advise Democratic Free Schools on the Summerhill model; we also help democratise alternative and mainstream schools and classrooms.


Thursday Thoughts: Play

Play is the sap and essence of childhood. And if there is one dark evil in this messed up modern world we have invented, it is the way we have taken free play away from children. We allow the evil octopus of school work to dominate more and more of their lives. We give them…


Sunday Basics: Maturity

Getting older is not the same as gaining maturity: we have all known teachers who are less mature than their students, for example. Age divisions in schools are an attempt to impose a system on a natural process. In schools with year groups this system is a mechanical one, as though the children were machine…


Sunday Basics: Age Divisions

Age Divisions Summerhill is a boarding school.  There are two different types of age division in the school: one is academic; the other is related to the boarding accommodation.  In this post I want to describe these divisions and discuss whether they have any validity outside Summerhill. There are four academic divisions: Class 1, Class…



“This is a much needed project. There is a wide gap between what people WANT our kind of schools to be and the reality. It is so important that people with on-the-ground experience keep the knowledge of real Summerhill ideals alive. Jason and Leonard have that experience.”

-Zoe Readhead,
Principal of Summerhill

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