Privilege and Good Luck

It is a privilege to go to Summerhill, an immense piece of good luck for a child.  It also carries a price tag: parents have to pay.  Unless the world turns inside out it is always going to be this way.  The state would have to decide to promote democratic education and make it available…

Swearing: What the Fuck!

Swearing is a big deal at school.  Mum and Dad might not swear at home.  They might restrain themselves in front of the children and only swear when they are out.  But it is hard to imagine someone not swearing at all.  I don’t even think it would be an achievement.  I live in Spain…


Resistance is Futile

Have you ever been in the situation where someone has tried to tell you that your project will never get off the ground because science, technology, research and policy are all against it? Have you ever been told what is inevitable? You may be a witness to the Borg Complex, a peculiarly modern pathology.