La La Summerhill Do Wah WahOn the Way There

We were driving up from Grado toward the village. Lately paved, the winding road was a new smooth black snake hugged by stark white stripes. It made you want to F1; it was also visually tactile; I wanted to get out and pull up a handful. Had to be liquorice.

The number of casual but deadly ninety degree curves and straight drops into lush green valleys prevented all but the foolish from racing. Unfortunately, there was a middle aged fool bumper-tailing us in an Audi. Jason let him Alonso pass on a narrow left turn. I said l don’t wish him death but a mild collision that would collapse in the front his vehicle and leave him kissing an airbag would please me.

I have a streak of righteous condescension at times. But I’m basically nice.

We were heading for Jason and Carmen’s place in the hills to meet two people from Granada who were driving up in a camper van to meet us. People often want to meet us. When we forget we are experienced we find this baffling.We hate gurus and in Democratic Education they come out of the underbrush like an unending line of smarmy rock stars in their sad years… All heading to somewhere or other to suck in the adoring gazes of the next room full of misguided conference worshippers. It disgusts me.

It also confuses me. People enamoured of democracy and freedom of action and independence for children having heart flitter flutters and book buying hunger and You Tube love sighs cramming into halls to listen to DemEd Stars. “He’s coming to New York !” “We will be having XYZ as a keynote !”

Gives me the creeps.That its doesn’t give the DemEd stars the creeps should give you pause for thought.

There are so many more important people. People doing real things in the day to day trenches of democratic education. With outstanding skills and experience.

But they are not self promoters and so they don’t fill conference tents; they choose not to be democratic education performing acrobats.

You may say well these people are well known, famous because they are the best. This would be a lie. They are just great at packaging and promoting themselves.

The real deal people … well they take a bit of hunting down.

Hunt the real deal down.

Instead of listening to the next guru go have a cheeseburger. Or a vegan dog.

Winding upwards we wandered on to Ken Robinson. I said l wish he’d just shut the fuck up and go do serious work somewhere and then five years from now come back and show us what went down. He makes people feel inspired which is mostly a very unfortunate disease of the age. It’s like an artificial do good high. It’s basically pointless and takes away the sharp reality of the drudgery work and sacrifice that is needed to actually make change or start a school. The real deal is a construction zone with you in the middle of it, not a religious pilgrimage.

So, and I say this gently and with affection … stop watching fucking Ted and go do something.

Coming Soon : Part 2 : Nervous