Summerhill Democratics Forum

We have set up a forum so that people can talk about what it is like working in or running schools that are inspired by Summerhill.  We work with a lot of people directly and we are aware that there are some questions that keep popping up.

Read these rules before you post to the Forum.  We want this forum to be a dynamic tool where people can help each other online.  If we follow the rules we can make that happen!

Forum Code of Conduct

  • The forum is to discuss the qualities of teachers in democratic education on the Summerhill model
  • No one can join the forum without introducing themselves first
  • Respect other people’s experience, knowledge and understanding
  • No aggressive, violent or personal attacks on a person or their ideas
  • Do not go off-topic. The forum is to discuss concrete issues: here specifically the qualities of teachers.  It is not to promote a business or philosophical viewpoint
  • All members of the forum should be clearly identified. No anonymous posting
  • It is fine to critique, refine and evaluate the Summerhill model in comparison with other practices but attempts to change the focus of the forum will be closed down.