The Revised Application Form

Almost There

On Monday we started with a draft Teacher Application Form. We added a download link. On the Wednesday podcast we discussed the draft and made some adjustments and additions. We decided to add a multiple choice questionnaire to the form that would help applicants think about and identify essential aspects of work at the Prado Democratic Free School. We told them to revisit the school website to find the answers if they were unsure. The aim was for all applicants to come away with common critical information. Sometimes wandering through the landscape of a school website makes it difficult to properly identify what is most important for prospective staff.

After we had recorded the podcast Jason and I got to work on the multiple choice questions. This was not that easy. We struggled a bit but finally came up with a process that allowed us to craft the right answers as well as add other realistic alternatives. We added the questions to the revised Application Form and were generally satisfied with the whole. I do imagine we would go over the whole thing again before it ends up in the book.

Here is the Revised Form:

Here once again is the original draft:

See you next time !

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