We look back at our Vision and the Design A School Themes we’ve covered so far. What Themes should come next? What makes the most sense moving forward in our Design a School project?

That Old Time Vision

In week three of the Design A School Project we made a list of our School Vision:

  1. This is a democratic school.  There are Meetings that resolve disputes between people, make laws, and help in the running of the school. At Meetings everyone has an equal vote and right to speak irrespective of age or job title.
  2. It is a democratic community.
  3. Children have freedom of choice within the community but they must respect the freedoms of others.  They do not have to take part in classes or activities if they do not want to.  They are free to choose their own activities.
  4. Teachers offer lessons.  There is a timetable and school calendar.
  5. Teaching focuses on a reduced formal curriculum with the emphasis on literacy, numeracy and science.
  6. Teachers have contracts- they do not have the same freedom of children.  The school offers a democratic free curriculum for children created by adults.
  7. Even if a child goes to all lessons there will be a lot of time for children to enjoy their freedom.
  8. The school environment absorbs the energy and interests of the children.  It is not chaotic.
  9. There are discreet Age Appropriate Environments for Project and Academic activity

We thought this was a decent start, but that certain parts could have been more concrete. 

Although we had some different motivations for Designing a School we were on the same path re: Vison/Mission Statement. 

The First Twelve Weeks

Over the last Twelve Weeks our blogs and podcasts have focussed on:

1. Reasons For Designing a School

2. What is a Vision/ Mission Statement ?

3. Our Vision/ Mission Statement

4. Age Range

5. Optional Lessons

6. Democratic Meetings Pt. 1

7. Democratic Meetings Pt.2

8. Clubhouse Democracy Wk.1 : What is it?

9. Clubhouse Democracy Wk.2 : How Did Leonard Start This?

10. Clubhouse Democracy Wk.3 : Movies

11. Clubhouse Democracy Wk.4 : Behaviour

12. Clubhouse Democracy Wk.5 : Changes You Can Make: Essentials

We have ranged here and there within these themes, especially in the Podcasts. We have talked a lot about freedom, freedom of choice of action, and democracy and community. We wanted to set some frameworks, share with you our experience, because those experiences starting and working in democratic free schools will be fundamental to informing our decision making as we continue getting closer to our final School Design.

In Podcast 13 we will discuss what our next steps might be, explore alternative paths, and chat about new ideas that have popped up as we worked our way through 24 Blog Posts and 12 Podcasts.

It should be interesting.

Don’t Miss Podcast 13!

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